The Need

Bethany Home was established with gifts from a Christian community concerned for the needs of the elderly.  Is our concern for the needs of the elderly any less today?  Just as our founders sought financial support to fulfill the growing needs of Bethany Home, we too, are seeking gifts and contributions to further the good work of the organization.  In an excerpt from the Bethany Home's 1963 Dedication Program we read, "May we all rise to this Thanksgiving occasion by remembering Bethany Home with our prayers and our contributions.  It is more blessed to give than to receive."

Bethany Home has accomplished pretty amazing things by staying focused on its mission-driven Christian values throughout these past 50 years.  As we face the next 50 years, we need to ‘step up' and leave a legacy of splendid care and ministry.  Through this, our Anniversary Appeal, we invite you to stand with us as we work to continue this important ministry.

Current needs

Benevolent Care Needs - Since 2007, we used up in its entirety the $600,000 that was raised in our Capital Campaign budget for benevolent care needs.  People are living longer.  Some of them outlive their resources.  And we believe that all seniors should have the ability to live out their lives with dignity and without the need to relocate when their money runs out.

Skilled Nursing Upgrades - Every family experiences those times when their home needs a facelift or a major repair.  There are parts of our nursing home that need just that ... an upgrade, to bring the rooms and hallways (and even the walk-in bathtub) back to acceptable standards.

Senior Meal Program - For the past three years, Bethany Home has partnered with the County and City in order to provide a meal program to Ripon seniors.  The program includes a hot meal at the Ripon Senior Center five days a week, and a Meals-on-Wheels hot lunch to area shut-ins.  The County has restricted their support to 20 meals per day, yet the need is always over 40 meals per day.

Intermediate needs

Because Care Needs continue to evolve and change over time, we are looking into the possibilities of adding another house at Beth Haven.  We believe we have identified certain areas of care where resident's needs are not being met.  In order to meet those needs in our continuum of care, we hope to stay on the ‘cutting edge' and expand our service options.  Just because a resident might have "special" care needs, doesn't mean they are no longer deserved of security and compassionate care.  Building another house on the Beth Haven campus would allow for expanded care needs ... meeting the demands of tomorrow's aging seniors.

Long-term needs

Bethany Home needs to grow its endowment ... plain and simple.  We believe the day will come when the government will stop funding for the health care needs of seniors.  When that day comes, our Foundation wants to be ready to ‘pick up the slack' and maintain the same quality of care in the future as we are able to experience today.

Every generous act of giving, with every perfect gift, is from above.
— James 1:17

Opportunities to Give

Fifty years ago there was a small group of individuals who had a dream and cast their vision to the masses.  And the rest as they say, is history.  Today, an equally enthusiastic group of people have a vision for the next fifty years, and are casting their vision to the masses.  Our vision for the future is to continue another fifty years as one of the premier providers of affordable housing and health care for our senior population.  But we can't do it alone!

In order to succeed we will need the support of many.  Just as there are a variety of gifts, there are endless ways to give.  Some will use their gifts and resources to be ambassadors, some prayer warriors, some business partners.  Some will experience a loved one who needs our services, while others will be utilizing our services themselves.  Still others will be able to make a monetary gift this year, our anniversary year!  While still others will want to offer a ‘Planned Gift' such as a deferred gift annuity, donor advised fund gift, or even a legacy gift.  No matter what your ability or resources, we need your support!  We will ultimately measure success by the number of people we serve ... one at a time.

There are several commemorative opportunities for giving, the details of which can be obtained from talking with Bethany Home staff.  We hope and pray that staff, residents, businesses, foundations, churches, and community folks will all catch our vision for the next fifty years.  Thank you for trusting Bethany Home with serving the needs of our seniors, both those who are currently receiving care, and also those who expect to receive care.

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