“To honor and enrich the aging experience in a secure, vibrant Christ-centered community”

 The new mission statement also defines our core values:

·         Honor individuals with respect recognizing each as an image bearer of God and an object of Christ’s love

·         Enrich individuals by elevating their experiences through Christ-like care and activities

·         Recognize the aging experience is different for each person by offering individualized care by dedicated compassionate            staff.

·         Respond to God’s call by providing each service in a spirit of Christian love while constantly seeking God’s guidance.

·         Welcome and inspire individuals to live and act cooperatively and responsibly toward others, God and community.


 “Serving interactive generations by becoming a leading resource on aging.”


Each word in this vision statement has a purpose:

·         Serving—accepting God’s call to serve and care for each other

·         Interactive—living and working together

·         Generations—residents & their families, staff, churches, schools, community organizations and government agencies

·         Becoming—we have work to do! Something to strive for!

·         Leading—“the go-to” for aging assistance

·         Resource—make connections--communicate available options

·         Aging-the journey of life, which is different for each person