Medicare Health Fair with University of the Pacific

How does saving money on your prescriptions sound? We may be able to help with that. Bethany Home has teamed up with University of the Pacific Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy to host a Medicare Health Fair on November 9, at our Town Square campus. We can provide a review of your Medicare Part D plan to see if we can lower your medication costs. The fair will also be hosting no-cost health screenings. Appointments are recommended. Please call 253-5128 to set up your time slot.

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1.    Measure A levies an annual “Special Tax” on each dwelling unit and room at Bethany Home of $250.

2.    If passed the fire tax for Bethany Home would move from $14,430 currently to approximately $87,000 which represents a 600% increase! Homeowners on the other hand will receive a $125 fire tax increase which will increase their tax approximately 100%. 

3.    Measure A can increase every year up to 2%.

4.    Bethany Home will be required to increase the annual rent by $250 or more to pay for this tax.  For many residents, this increase will create a financial hardship.

5.    Measure A would begin on July 1, 2018 and never sunset unless repealed by voters. 

6.    Some couples at Bethany Home have a spouse in independent living and one in skilled nursing. That family would be paying $500 a year.

7.    In the United States we think of fire and emergency services as a public good that is funded by people in a particular area, for the good of everyone in that area. People in a town with a rough neighborhood don’t demand the people in the rough area pay more for fire and police protection. Families with 8 children don’t pay more for public schools.

New, temporary, entrance to Skilled Nursing

Please Be Advised: Our front entrance has been letting in too much smoke from the fires in the Bay Area. Out of an abundance of caution we've taken steps to limit the exposure of our residents. We have closed the glass doors on Main Street and have set up a temporary entrance on the side of the facility. There are signs leading you to this new entrance from the glass doors. 

We are sorry for the inconvenience this causes. This precaution will remain in place until the smoke clears. 

Save on prescription drug costs, no cost health screenings. November 14th, Bethany Home Town Square

You won't want to miss this health fair, conducted by the University of the Pacific Pharmacy School. Review of your Medicare Part D Plan to see if we can lower your medication costs. Review of your medication to ensure they are safe to take together. No Cost Health Screenings. Appointments recommended. Please call 209-253-5128 to schedule an appointment.


Don Cox and Wanda Thompson

Don Cox and Wanda Thompson


Two older adults, living down the hallway from each their at the Manor Apartments, share their talents producing award-winning art. 

Wanda Thompson and Don Cox use completely different styles in creating their sought after pieces. 

For years, Wanda has hunted down barns in the Midwest that she has photographed. She then paints them into the grain structure of slices of Myrtle Tree trunks. These trees grow in the southwestern Oregon region. Along with the barn paintings, she uses the same wood slices to accentuate birds and animals she envisions in the wood grain patterns with dynamic results. back. 

She uses acrylics along with pen and ink, noting the ink dries fast. Wanda added, “you’d better be quick.” 

Before Wanda began self-teaching herself art, she made cakes from her home. She made the wedding cakes for five of her six sons. The last son missed out as he waited until he was 49 to get married and she had already sold her cake pans. 

Early on, she began painting rocks and gourds with different artistic images. One rock resembled a car that she took down to her auto shop and gave as a gift. It is still on a desk in that service department, she said. In addition, she gave three of her painted rock owls to the mechanics in the service department. 

Wanda and her late husband volunteered to manage the small RV park at Sharpe Army Depot in Lathrop years back.  She said the commander was so thrilled with the rock she painted for him he gave an order that all the rocks on the base belonged to Wanda. She and her husband made lamps out of the gourds with appropriate artwork on the gourds and gave some to the different commanders when they left the base. 

When the couple arrived at Sharpe they planned to stay only several days in one of the spaces. The cost was only $5 a night. They were soon asked to sign on as the permanent hosts of the facility – which they did – and stayed in that position for several years. They managed the park so well that the base commander had the Army add eight more spaces for them to oversee. 

It was some time later when Wanda met Don Cox. He had a completely new technique with his art, using colored pens – not knowing anything about acrylics – he did watercolors. They have been painting together ever since at the Bethany apartments, she noted. 

Together they painted 140 greeting cards in one day. Don goes to a watercolor class every day in Hughson. He has spent much of his time working with black and white line drawing coloring books. Wanda adds rocks, pools of water and trees to the books—adding to the artistic charm of the landscape creations.

Don’s favorite painting in his apartment is that of a Swiss chalet. He drew the detailed winter scene in two hours. In his apartment is a collection of Swiss chalet coo-coo clocks– most of them work but some are for parts. 

Don has been drawing in the pencil medium since he was 12 years old. He began with color in 2008 and has been doing it ever since. Zen tangles are the rage right now, he said, with 10,000 different designs that he is now using in his creations. 

On A Mission

By: Cindy Scheublein

EXCITING NEWS! Bethany Home is rolling out a revised mission statement, core values and vision statement. Henry Meester, Board President, who led the mission committee through the prayerful process of updating the statements said, “The new Mission and Vision statements were drafted to help clarify our direction and keep our mission on the right track, while at the same time provide inspiration for staff, residents and board members. Developing these statements was a collaborative effort that involved Society and Foundation board members and Bethany staff.” Our former mission statement and core values were adopted by the board of directors in 1995. These statements emphasized Bethany Home’s Christian faith, recognizing each individual as an image bearer of God and the importance of providing security, support, and care of the highest possible quality. The committee realized the importance of maintaining these values. As you read them, you will see that many words and phrases are incorporated in the revised statements. Our goal in this process was to create a mission statement that could be memorized and used on a regular basis by all of our staff, residents and board members.

 New Mission Statement: To honor and enrich the aging experience in a secure, vibrant Christ-centered community.

In addition, the committee created a vision statement that supports our mission and establishes a clear goal for our work. Creating a vision statement required much thought and prayer as the committee explored long-range goals and future aspirations. Just as Bethany Home founders responded to the need of the community, we desire to continue this mission of response. We aspire to be the place for people to call or stop by with age-related questions; to have an in-depth list of resources ready; and to provide educational seminars.

New Vision Statement: Serving interactive generations by becoming a leading resource on aging.

My hope and desire is for the entire Bethany Home community to be inspired by these statements and eager to support and implement them! At recent meetings with employees and residents, I challenged everyone to join me in memorizing both the mission and vision. Congratulations to Barbara McGee, Cheryl Nichols, Antoinette Strock, and Vonnie Van Dyken for reciting them successfully!


ATTENTION ALL USERS OF OUR POOL FACILITY AT TOWN SQUARE: We sincerely apologize for the pool and exercise room being temporarily unavailable. The facility had to be closed while we wait for the parts to fix a faulty heater. 

We know this comes at a time of year when lots of us are inspired to make healthier choices. We will do our best to get this facility reopened as soon as possible.

Bethany Home welcomes new Executive Director

Cindy J. Scheublein, Executive Director, Bethany Home 

Cindy J. Scheublein, Executive Director, Bethany Home 

We are pleased that the search committee’s diligence, with God’s blessing, has resulted in the selection of Cindy J. Scheublein as Executive Director of Bethany Home.  Her experience and knowledge of Bethany Home and its mission will be a valuable asset.

 Cindy Scheublein is currently interim executive director and healthcare administrator for Bethany Home. Cindy began her time at Bethany Home in February 2014 as healthcare administrator. In January of this year, she added interim executive director duties. Cindy’s career includes experience as the healthcare administrator at Covenant Village, Turlock and administrator for Lake Park Retirement Residence, Oakland.

 Cindy holds a bachelor of science in business administration and a MBA from University of the Pacific, Stockton, CA. Cindy has been a member of LeadingAge California since 1999. She served as the Delta Region secretary/treasurer for four years and health services subcommittee member for seven years. She holds a Nursing Home Administrator license, Residential Care for the Elderly Administrator certificate, and a Social Services Designee certificate.

 The board is thankful that God has led Cindy to accept this position at Bethany Home. She has a passion for our mission of serving seniors. This, along with her professional experience and a strong leadership team, bodes well for the future of Bethany Home.

Bethany Home Society Water Conservation Plan

Vidal Huerta of Stewart Landscaping  removed 3,850 square feet of lawn on July 17 at our Garden Apartments. (Photo courtesy of Craig Macho/Ripon Record)

Our desire at Bethany Home Society is to be good stewards of water usage during the current drought condition.  We are committed as a community, and as a responsible Board of Directors, to do our part to conserve water.  As a result, the Board of Directors approved the following Water Conservation Plan:

 1.    Reduce frequency of campus lawn and landscape sprinklers from three times per week to two times per week.  Frequency reduction began June 11.

2.    Campus wide lawn aeration project to improve water absorption. 

3.    Remove one 35’x110’ lawn area located behind Garden Apartments at the north end.  Replace lawn area with a 14’ x 24’ covered patio area, 20 drought resistant shrubs and install a drip system.  This project alone will save 207,000 gallons of water per year.

 Residents and staff are invited to submit water conservation ideas to Director of Plant Operations/Maintenance Larry Stocks.  Contact Larry at 599-4221, ext. 129.

 Any questions or comments regarding this plan, please contact Interim Executive Director Cindy Scheublein at 599-4221, ext. 127.

Free Lunch!

Take your Grandparents to lunch, Bethany Home will pick up the tab!

Summer is a great time to pause and have lunch with a grandparent or great-grandparent. You get a chance to visit over a meal and they get a chance to introduce you to their friends.

How it Works

First, schedule a date with your grandparent. They have access to the weekly menu and can tell you what is being served.

Second, call the facility who serves meals to your grandparent and let them know you'd like to join them. Please give us 24 hours notice.

Third, enjoy a meal on us!

Frequent Questions

Groups: Due to limited seating this program is better suited for one guest at a time.

Kids: They are welcome over age 5.

Further Questions: If you have any questions about the program, please contact Rob Wagner; or 253-5126

A season of recruitment

By: Cindy Scheublein, SNF Administrator/Interim Executive Director

Frequently, people ask how I am doing as the Interim Executive Director. My usual reply is, “I have peace. God’s grace is sufficient. The staff knows what to do and they do it well. It is a team effort. And I appreciate your prayers.”

As we enter the season of spring and warmer weather, we enter a season of recruitment for a new Executive Director. Members of this committee include the following: Dale De Bie, chairman, Hans Bosma, Buz De Vries (Foundation president), Dirk Hoek, Marv Van Groningen, Adam Hutchins and Cindy Scheublein.

The Search Committee met in March and decided to first conduct an Organizational Assessment. The purpose of the assessment is to identify campus issues and priorities. In doing so, the committee will be better prepared to identify the ideal candidate. A list of questions for the Organizational Assessment was given to the Board of Directors, Foundation Board members, Foundation donors, residents and staff. The committee will review the results from the assessment and continue to work through the stages of recruitment.

During this spring season, I look forward to witnessing the earth coming to life with trees budding, flowers blooming and gardens growing. I so appreciate the opportunity to purchase fresh fruit once again at the roadside stand. I don’t want to rush through this spring season and miss a blessing. Likewise, during this season of recruitment, let’s prayerfully seek God for His direction and blessings on our efforts.

In closing, a scripture to reflect upon as we celebrate Easter Sunday, Philippians 2:8-11 “And being found in appearance as a man, he humbled himself by becoming obedient to death-even death on a cross! Therefore God exalted him to the highest place and gave him the name that is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.” Amen!