1.    Measure A levies an annual “Special Tax” on each dwelling unit and room at Bethany Home of $250.

2.    If passed the fire tax for Bethany Home would move from $14,430 currently to approximately $87,000 which represents a 600% increase! Homeowners on the other hand will receive a $125 fire tax increase which will increase their tax approximately 100%. 

3.    Measure A can increase every year up to 2%.

4.    Bethany Home will be required to increase the annual rent by $250 or more to pay for this tax.  For many residents, this increase will create a financial hardship.

5.    Measure A would begin on July 1, 2018 and never sunset unless repealed by voters. 

6.    Some couples at Bethany Home have a spouse in independent living and one in skilled nursing. That family would be paying $500 a year.

7.    In the United States we think of fire and emergency services as a public good that is funded by people in a particular area, for the good of everyone in that area. People in a town with a rough neighborhood don’t demand the people in the rough area pay more for fire and police protection. Families with 8 children don’t pay more for public schools.