Bethany Home Society Water Conservation Plan

Vidal Huerta of Stewart Landscaping  removed 3,850 square feet of lawn on July 17 at our Garden Apartments. (Photo courtesy of Craig Macho/Ripon Record)

Our desire at Bethany Home Society is to be good stewards of water usage during the current drought condition.  We are committed as a community, and as a responsible Board of Directors, to do our part to conserve water.  As a result, the Board of Directors approved the following Water Conservation Plan:

 1.    Reduce frequency of campus lawn and landscape sprinklers from three times per week to two times per week.  Frequency reduction began June 11.

2.    Campus wide lawn aeration project to improve water absorption. 

3.    Remove one 35’x110’ lawn area located behind Garden Apartments at the north end.  Replace lawn area with a 14’ x 24’ covered patio area, 20 drought resistant shrubs and install a drip system.  This project alone will save 207,000 gallons of water per year.

 Residents and staff are invited to submit water conservation ideas to Director of Plant Operations/Maintenance Larry Stocks.  Contact Larry at 599-4221, ext. 129.

 Any questions or comments regarding this plan, please contact Interim Executive Director Cindy Scheublein at 599-4221, ext. 127.